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Fun day trips

Thanks to our central location in the province of Zuid-Holland, you can enjoy many fun day trips with our campsite as a home base. We have made a selection of a few nice outings for you. Let yourself be inspired!

environment overview


From our campsite, you can ride your bicycle to the Keukenhof in Lisse! Within half an hour, you will be surrounded by a colourful paradise of flowers. Perfect! You won’t even need to get up extra early to avoid traffic.


Want to bet that swimming in the Tikibad in Duinrell is high on the wish list of your kid(s)? This popular swimming pool is only a 20-minute drive away. You’ll definitely score points with this splashing outing for the whole family!


Do you want to see all the highlights of the Netherlands in one day? Visit Madurodam in the nearby city of The Hague! There is much to see and learn in this park full of miniatures. A fun family outing.

CORPUS Experience

In CORPUS (in Leiden) you will go on an impressive journey through the human body. A unique experience! You will learn a lot about the human body and how everything works. A fun and educational outing for children of 6 and above.

Space Expo

The famous astronaut André Kuipers and writer Sander Koenen will bring you on a special mission in the Space Expo museum! During the mission, you will explore the exceptional world of astronauts. Are you up for the challenge?


Wow, Linnaeushof is the biggest outdoor playground of Europe! ... And all this at a 20-minute drive from our campsite. With 350 play equipment and attractions, you simply won’t know where to start! The kids will love it.