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House rules

About Camping de Wulp

Camping de Wulp is a cosy family campsite for camping fanatics looking for a peaceful place to stay. The campsite is low-traffic, because we bring all caravans, pop-up campers and trailers to their pitch with a tractor. This way, our campsite stays peaceful and safe. The campsite is also characterised by our beautiful grass.


Pets of campers as well as their guests are not allowed.

House rules

Camping de Wulp has house rules. The purpose of these rules is to guarantee safety, order and peace, and make sure that everyone enjoys their stay to the fullest.

Upon arrival, go to the reception first. We will choose your pitch. It is not allowed to use a different pitch than the one assigned at the reception desk without the permission of the campsite.

Camping unit/ pitch

You are welcome at our campsite with a tent, pop-up camper/caravan, camper and touring caravan. Only one camping unit per pitch. Depending on the pitch, you will be allowed to put down an additional small tent for an extra fee. Most of our comfort pitches offer enough room for a little tent, but this does not apply to our standard pitches. If you would like a standard pitch, you will have to consult with Camping de Wulp to see where you can put the next camping unit.

Low-traffic campsite

If you detach your caravan or pop-up camper upon arrival, we will bring it to the pitch after 14:00.
The car will stay behind in our parking area. The same applies if you are going to stay in a tent. We have practical carts for your luggage.

Maximum number of guests

The maximum number of guests per pitch is 5.

Young people

You can book a pitch at our campsite from the age of 21. Our campsite is not intended for young people travelling without adults. Young people travelling without adults may be denied access to our campsite, even if a reservation has been made.


In principle, we do not accept groups. Reservations can only be made in consultation. Please contact us.

Delayed departure

Your stay is calculate from your day of arrival and will apply until 12:00 on the departure day.
After 12:00, the pitch must be empty and clean.

Booking an additional day in advance

If you still want to be able to use your pitch after 12:00, you must book the departure day fully in advance.

Deciding to extend your stay on location

If you decide to leave later when you’re already on location, ask Camping de Wulp if the pitch is still available after 12:00. If is available, you will only be able to leave later than 12:00 if you pay the extra amount right away.

Car and other vehicles

Per pitch, you may park one car in the parking space of the campsite.
You are not allowed to drive on the campsite with cars, motorcycles and/or mopeds. Mopeds and motorcycles can be parked next to the parking unit, but the engine must be switched off at the entrance of the campsite.
We do not offer separate parking options for camper vans, cars of caravans.

(Day) guests/short visits

If you are receiving visitors, they must report to the reception desk, and leave the campsite by 22.00. The price for (day) guests/short visits is € 1.00 p.p.
Visitors must park on the side of the road before the barriers, so outside the campsite grounds.

Overnight guests

If you are receiving guests, they must be registered beforehand and they are required to **register at the reception upon arrival. The due amount must be paid before departure. **Create a link to “opening hours reception”

Changing guests/joint use

If there is a switch of guests during the camping period, the new guests must also register upon arrival, and payment must be made for any additional guests.

Other house rules


The peace on the terrain must be respected. (Noise) disturbance for fellow campers must be avoided for the complete duration of your stay. There must be silence on the campsite after 22:00. If you cause disturbance as a result of excessive alcohol consumption and/or use of stimulants or narcotics, you may be banned from the campsite.


Household rubbish must be disposed in the containers, in closed rubbish bags.
There are separate containers for paper and glass.
The terrain must be kept clean.
Children younger than 7 may not enter the sanitary facilities without adult supervision.


Barbecue is permitted, as long as the weather allows it (so not too much wind and not too dry) and if you take the necessary precautions. Make sure to use a safe barbecue, keep fire extinguishing equipment (such as a bucket of water) nearby, and do not use spiritus but firelighters. Open fire/fire basket/torches are not permitted. Ash and remnants of coal from the barbecue may only be disposed in the containers when they are cooled down or extinguished.

Ball games

Ball games may only be played on the sports field.

Practical information

Shower coins

If you want to take a shower, you will need warm water coins, which are available during opening hours at the reception desk for € 0.70 per 7 min.

Washing machine/Dryer

You will need different coins to use the washing machines and dryers.

Charging pole electric car

You can charge your electric car here. There are two charging spots with a combined capacity of 22KW.

Electrical cable – Euro plug

You need a CEE blue euro plug to be able to connect your own electrical cable to the power cabinet.
If you don’t have a euro plug, you will be able to rent it from us, subject to availability. 


Depending on the type of pitch (comfort or standard), you will be able to use electrical equipment of respectively 10 A = 2200 of 6 A = 1320 Watt at the same time.

Cable television

In order to receive video on our cable tv, you will need a DIGITAL TV with built-in DVB-C tuner. So you won’t need to get separate equipment from the reception. With an analogue or digital TV with just a DVB-T or DVB-S tuner, you will not be able to receive cable television. Just like for electricity, you will need your own coax with antenna plugs. male/female

Locker/Phone charger locker

You can rent safe lockers at the reception. The phone charger locker at the reception is free.