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House rules

House rules apply at Camping de Wulp. This is to maintain safety, order and tranquillity and in this way make everyone comfortable.

On arrival, you must first report to the reception area. We will allocate or assign the pitch. It is not permitted to occupy a pitch other than the one allocated at the reception area without the campsite's permission.

Night's rest

Peace and quiet on the site must be respected. (Noise) nuisance to fellow campers must be avoided during the entire stay. After 22.00 hours the night's rest starts. Nuisance caused by excessive drinking and/or the use of stimulants or narcotics may result in removal from the campsite.

Travel party

Per camping pitch, a maximum of five people may stay overnight and a maximum of four people in the rental accommodation. Recreation with us is possible from the age of 21 and the campsite is not intended for adolescents travelling alone. Adolescents travelling alone may therefore be refused on site, even if a reservation has been made. In principle, we do not accept groups. Requests are made by mutual agreement only. Please contact us.


Pets belonging to both the campers themselves and their visitors are not allowed.

Car and other vehicles

One car per pitch/accommodation is allowed inside the campsite car park. It is forbidden to drive cars, motorbikes and/or mopeds inside the campsite. Mopeds and motorbikes may be parked near the campsite or accommodation, but their engines must be turned off at the campsite entrance.

There is no separate parking facility or storage for the motorhome, car or caravan.


(Foot)balls are only allowed on the sports field.


Household rubbish must be disposed in the containers, in closed rubbish bags.
There are separate containers for paper and glass.
The terrain must be kept clean.
Children younger than 7 may not enter the sanitary facilities without adult supervision.

Additional house rules for camping

Camping unit/pitch

You are welcome at our campsite with a tent, pop-up camper/caravan, camper and touring caravan. Only one camping unit per pitch. Depending on the pitch, you will be allowed to put down an additional small tent for an extra fee. Most of our comfort pitches offer enough room for a little tent, but this does not apply to our standard pitches. If you would like a standard pitch, you will have to consult with Camping de Wulp to see where you can put the next camping unit.

Car and other vehicles

Per pitch, you may park one car in the parking space of the campsite.

You are not allowed to drive on the campsite with cars, motorcycles and/or mopeds. Mopeds and motorcycles can be parked next to the parking unit, but the engine must be switched off at the entrance of the campsite.

We do not offer separate parking options for camper vans, cars of caravans.

(Day) guests/short visits

If you are receiving visitors, they must report to the reception desk, and leave the campsite by 22.00. The price for (day) guests/short visits is € 1.00 p.p.
Visitors must park on the side of the road before the barriers, so outside the campsite grounds.

Overnight guests

If you are receiving guests, they must be registered beforehand and they are required to **register at the reception upon arrival. The due amount must be paid before departure. **Create a link to “opening hours reception”

Changing guests/joint use 

If there is a switch of guests during the camping period, the new guests must also register upon arrival, and payment must be made for any additional guests.


Barbecue is permitted, as long as the weather allows it (so not too much wind and not too dry) and if you take the necessary precautions. Make sure to use a safe barbecue, keep fire extinguishing equipment (such as a bucket of water) nearby, and do not use spiritus but firelighters. Open fire/fire basket/torches are not permitted. Ash and remnants of coal from the barbecue may only be disposed in the containers when they are cooled down or extinguished.